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June is National Homeowners Month, and also happens to be a popular time for buying and selling. The Southside real estate market has never been hotter and local realtor Sharon Hajek, a seasoned local realtor on the Southside, says there are important things to know for buyers and sellers right now. She gave us the top 6 things for buyers and the top 6 things for sellers to know.




  1. “You have to look at this as a business transaction.” Hajek said you can’t get emotional about the details, like how much you paid for the new wallpaper. Instead, focus on making sure your furnace has been serviced regularly. 
  2. “Staging is important.” She said you don’t necessarily have to pay a professional, but you have to declutter your house if you want top dollar. 
  3. “Clean is still king and smells don’t sell.” She said cannot stress enough the importance of an immaculately clean house. Clean the carpets, wash the windows. If you can show that you care about how the house looks on the outside of the walls, it is assumed you care about what’s going on inside the walls. 
  4. “People don’t care that a roof is 10 years old or that a furnace is old.” Hajek said what matters more is that things have been well-maintained. 
  5. “Price to get into a bidding war.” Don’t start at the top. Start reasonably so that you attract all buyers and then allow for a bidding war so that you get top dollar. 
  6. “Make your home available.” She said the more traffic you can drive through your home the better. If you work from home and can’t be disturbed, she suggests closing off your workspace room and putting a sign on the door that says, “working from home, please don’t show.” This way, you don’t have to limit the hours that your home is available for viewing. 


  1. “It’s a seller’s market.” But this doesn’t mean it’s a bad time to be a buyer. Hajek said, while there is an inventory shortage and you will pay top dollar, you will still get your money’s worth. She said the area will only increase in value.
  2. “Go in with your very best offer upfront.” She said if you’re looking for a deal, you likely won’t find it so be reasonable. Do your homework. Look at the neighborhood and what the community has to offer. 
  3. “Be prepared to lose, but be patient, you will get a house.” Hajek said, you likely won’t win on your first offer so don’t get caught up. She said every no is one step closer to a yes.
  4. “Start looking at the lower end of your budget, because you’ll end up buying at your higher end.” She said give yourself some room to go up. Also, more money down is very attractive and you may have to pay gap coverage so be financially prepared.
  5. “Be prepared to move quickly.” Don’t hesitate. Make viewing a home your top priority if and whenever possible. What’s available in the morning might not be available in the afternoon.
  6. “Have your ducks in a row.” Be sure to have your pre-approved letter in hand, be well-educated, well-represented by your realtor, and have extra cash just in case.

Hajek, a lifelong resident of the Brecksville/Broadview Heights area says she loves the area and says it is still one of the most cost-effective places to live. With excellent school districts, beautiful natural resources, great communities, a buyer can’t go wrong. “There is so much value here. It’s still affordable and you get so much. Our sense of community is very strong here.”


About Sharon Hajek

Sharon Hajek is a licensed realtor in Northeast Ohio, having sold properties as far east as Ashtabula and as far west as Port Clinton. She works for ReMax, Above and Beyond (the Ohio local Brokerage).  Along with real estate services she is also a certified professional property stager and property manager. She has achieved countless awards including Google’s ‘Excellence in Customer Service award and the ReMax Executive Club Award. 

Representing Northern Ohio homeowners, future homeowners, and investors, she is committed to listening to her clients’ needs and utilizing her seasoned negotiating skills to ensure every transaction is a successful one.

Living in Northeastern Ohio her entire life gives her a deep understanding of this beautiful area, the culture, weather, housing markets, and diversity. She maintains strong relationships with inspectors, contractors, title companies, and lenders to ensure the entire process will be handled with the utmost success.

Her enthusiasm, attention to detail, expertise, and community involvement along with her professionalism and a deep dedication to her clients ensures she will be alongside every step of the way in their real estate transactions.

If you would like to contact her for your real estate needs, you can at:

550 E. Royalton Road

Broadview Hts, Ohio 44147

440) 785-9651

[email protected]

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