Trending Hobbies for 2021 | Cleveland Southside Moms

It’s National Hobby Month and for many people, January is a time to make goals and plans or try new things. We curated a lits of trending new hobbies for 2021. Looking for something new to try this year? Check out these ideas!


  1. Gardening– 2020 was a year when many people started thinking about food availability. There was a trend to bring back the old backyard garden. That trend continues in 2021 with many people embracing the value of growing their own food. Gardening is fun, relaxing, and educational.
  2. Playing Cards– During the great pause of 2020, families searched for things to do at home. Card games made a resurgence. This year, make a plan to have a weekly card game, or just put it on the list of alternatives to screens. From new games to classic ones, there are a lot of fun options. Make it a goal to learn all the classic games, or master one that always seemed too hard.
  3. Painting– This is another hobby that has found renewed popularity. It’s a creative outlet that is therapeutic and relaxing. Give it a try!
  4. Reading and Writing– If you always plan to read a book but never get around to it, now is the time! And, journaling or creative writing is fun, too. Plus it’s another way to find focus, calm and your creativity!
  5. Meditation– Research shows that meditation improves brain function. It can actually shrink the areas of the brain associated with stress and anxiety. If you’re feeling stressed,  give meditation a try.
  6. Learn an Instrument– one popular little instrument that is trending right now is the ukelele. But there are many to choose from and you can find online tutorials to help you get started.
  7. Be Outside– If there was one thing we gained from 2020, it was a renewed interest in being outside. With a lack of things to do, and a need to be socially distant, being outside was an ideal pastime. It still is. Make a goal to spend time outside regularly by hiking, walking, biking, or even camping.
  8. Letter-writing– Grab some pretty stationery and find a penpal! Embrace the lost art of letter-writing for a fun hobby that you can keep forever!
  9. Fabric Arts– There are so many to choose from! Sewing, knitting, crocheting, cross-stitch. The options are varied and all fun! Plus, you can make really cool things and give them as gifts or start your own business!
  10. Cooking and Baking– start small by trying a new recipe. Then, venture out to more challenging things. Find videos online to help you. From stir-fry to cake decorating, the options are endless!

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