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The Beauty of Sound Healing

Sound bathing is making an impact on the local community, thanks to the local ensemble, Horizon Eye Sonic Alchemy.  Together, they are bringing healing through sound to the top of the list of natural, holistic, and spiritual health and healing methods. Based in Ravenna, Horizon Eye Sonic Alchemy was founded in 2021 by Joseph Price and Amanda Calhoun. The pair connected in March of 2020 and found compatibility in their commitment to healing.

In lieu of traditional courtship, they found themselves developing a deep relationship centered around spiritual growth amidst the lockdown and isolation of the Covid-19 restrictions. During this time Horizon Eye came to be. Many hours were spent with Joseph playing his acoustic guitar and Amanda listening and painting. Many layers of relational trauma were peeled and replaced with a healthy, loving connection. It didn’t take long for Amanda to notice how much Joseph’s guitar playing determined the mood of their home. Any periods of time where the music was absent were increasingly stressful and negative. The music physically altered the tone of the environment.

Amanda, having grown up as an avid music fan and concertgoer, quickly connected the dots and started to research Sound Healing. The couple invested in a few basic sound healing instruments and were honestly blown away by their effect. 

“We never intended to be sound healers. This life chose us,” Amanda said.

“For some reason, every high-value instrument we picked up along the way came effortlessly. I’m certain that the reason is that we came here to do this. We came to heal the world with sacred sound,” Joseph said.

Sound healing can be used for any type of meditation, healing, and even just basic relaxation. At the beginning of the session, there are a few moments to set the client’s desired intention. Each session can be managed directly by the listener, or they have guided sessions that can help the listener decide where to focus the healing energy. For anyone that is unsure of what they need or is just starting out with these concepts, a general 7 chakra clearing session is an ideal starting place.

They use sound to move energy through the 7 physical chakras in the body. Much like a Reiki session would function, they concentrate sound at each chakra to stir up and alleviate any stagnant energies that do not serve. The sounds they produce typically serve as an acceleration for the egoic mind running/racing that often comes up during meditation states. It can be overwhelming in the mind when these thoughts come up. The sound works to move the thoughts so they can be released, and your mind can settle. Participants often find that by the end of the session, their egoic mind has stopped the chatter and they have journeyed into deep relaxation, meditation, or astral experiences. Sometimes the egoic mind never stops the chatter, yet you finish feeling relaxed and have received a resolution for an issue in your life. If your favorite part of yoga class is Savasana, sound baths are for you.

Horizon Eye offers private and group sound healing sessions in your home or studio space. Horizon Eye is also available for private sessions in the Bubble Tent- protected from the elements, hosted in the tranquil location of your choosing.  


To find out more or to book a session, go to

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