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We are honored to share with you the Gorgeous Grandmas that were nominated by our readers this month. Each one is obviously very special to their loved ones and it was so hard to pick winners for our prizes because they all deserve a day of pampering. But we are excited that at least we can share them all with you here, as well as the beautiful sentiments that were written about them by their loved ones. Congratulations to all of these women who are so blessed with love and family.

Meet Nana Kristi

Kristi Barile, Broadview Heights, Nominated by Danielle Barile

Kristi is seriously the number one grandma (or Nana as we call her!). She first became a Nana in March 2019 to George, then Gabrielle in November 2020 and Conor this month, July 2021 (three grandchildren, one from each of her own 3 children, and another grandchild on the way)! She will drop anything to help out with her grandkids, including George who lives in Chicago.

She will play whatever game George makes up. She will crawl on the ground with Gabrielle and chase after her. She will sweetly rock baby Conor when his mama needs a break. She is the most respectful grandmother. She follows everyone’s different routine without question because she respects that though she is the grandmother, the parents know what’s best for their child. She is non-judgmental and will do anything that is asked of her. She is so helpful and a great caregiver. She does SO much for us, literally above and beyond. If someone mentions they have run out of something or are in need of something, she comes by with exactly what is needed without even being asked. She watches my daughter on a pretty regular basis while we work and I can say that I am so proud that Gabrielle has another great role model to look up to in her Nana. I would not trust anyone else watching my daughter! I know that she is in the best care and is so loved. On top of being a Nana she is a great wife, an excellent planner, and is always hosting the whole family for holidays and Sunday dinners. She is always responsible for keeping it together for everyone. If anyone deserves to be pampered it’s this woman. I can’t even describe it. But I feel like this would be an amazing “thank you” and mean so much! I feel lucky and blessed to have married into this family and gained a great mother-in-law.

Danielle Barile


Kristi is our first winner of our Gorgeous Grandma Contest and will receive spa services from one of our fabulous donors: The Sweet Spa of Independence, Firewood Spa of Brecksville, and Holistic Halo Salt Spa of North Royalton.

Meet Grandma Pat

Pat Lonergan, Strongsville, Nominated by Molly Vorous

My mom, Pat Lonergan is the best grandma. She is loving, caring, compassionate, sincere, and always has my daughter’s best interest. She started doing a Sunday family dinner about a year and a half ago, and those few hours of reconnecting with all of us after a long week and listening to my daughters tell her everything they feel is important warms my heart.

She makes sure to make time for a special day with each girl to focus her attention on their likes and interests. Affectionately called “Grandma Pat” she embraces the title and loves her granddaughters with all her heart.

Molly Vorous


Pat is our second winner of our Gorgeous Grandma Contest and will receive spa services from one of our fabulous donors: The Sweet Spa of Independence, Firewood Spa of Brecksville, and Holistic Halo Salt Spa of North Royalton.

Meet Bisa Maria

Maria Clara Madaleno, Rocky River, Nominated by Maya Brown-Zimmerman

My avó (grandmother) immigrated to Cleveland from Brasil in the 1960s, along with her husband and daughter (my mother). Two weeks after arriving in this new country, she gave birth to twin boys. Giving birth and raising babies in a new country where she didn’t speak the language was really difficult. She spent decades engaging in backbreaking physical labor at an assembly line. Her life has not been easy.

But as an avó, she always showed up for her grandkids. Birthdays, school events, holidays: she was there. She’d tell stories, demonstrate real interest in our lives, and cook. Food is definitely a love language and she makes the BEST pasteis (the Brasilian version of an empanada) and brigadeiros (a Brasilian candy) you could ever hope to taste! When I was on bedrest with my second pregnancy, she flew across the country to help take care of my toddler.

To my children she is Bisa (great-grandmother), who sends cards on their birthday, lets them play with her trinkets, and makes sure they have some Malleys at Easter. It was a long year without seeing her, due to covid!

My avó is humble and hardworking. Family is the most important thing. To me, she’s the most gorgeous grandma out there!

Maya Brown-Zimmmerman


Maria is our third and final winner of our Gorgeous Grandma Contest and will receive spa services from one of our fabulous donors: The Sweet Spa of Independence, Firewood Spa of Brecksville, and Holistic Halo Salt Spa of North Royalton.

Meet Grandma Karen

Karen Geraci, Independence, Nominated by Erica Geraci

I would like to nominate my mother-in-law, Karen Geraci. She has 4 grandchildren, she helps take care of my 2 boys, and also still works part-time. She is the best grandma because she teaches us all what it is to be a family. She watches all 4 grandkids, if we didn’t have her for childcare we wouldn’t both be able to work full time and buy a house in Independence. On top of working and watching all of her grandkids, she’s been coming to our new house and helping paint, clean, you name it. She does anything and everything to help us. 

Erica Geraci

Meet Grandma Sue

Sue Kolat, Solon, Nominated by Kimberly Bach

I’m entering my mom Sue Kolat for the grandma contest. It’s a given, she is gorgeous on the outside. It’s her heart and soul that sets her apart from others. She’s not my biological mother and thus not my twin girls’ biological grandmother but you would never know that. She not only loves me in a way words could never adequately describe but my children as well. Their love and bond are amazing to watch, to the point my heart is overwhelmed. She is a great emotional support to us all. One of the funniest stories was, when my children were a little over one year old, they walked around and past their grandfather to get to grandma after they walked into my house. We love her with every ounce of our hearts!

Kimberly Bach

Meet Grandma Donna

Donna Zaczyk, Ravenna, Nominated by Sam Zaczyk

 I wanted to nominate my mom for the gorgeous grandma (Grammy) contest. She works full time but still finds time each week to see and spend time with each of her 6 grandbabies. Anyone that knows her knows how much she loves them because they are all she ever talks about!! Donna (my mom) worked at General Motors in Lordstown for 20+ years but when the plant closed she was asked to move away to Kentucky or quit the job entirely. It was all she had ever known, but decided she could not leave her family, especially since she had just become a Grammy for the first time! She decided to leave GM and go back to school. At 52 she went back to school and became a medical assistant so that she could stay close to her family! She now has 6 grandbabies and she makes time for each and every one every single week. After working a full day she’ll drive 45 minutes out of her way to come snuggle on my son, often not getting home until late at night. Her favorite times are when they are all together, however she makes it a point to make each one feel special. She’s one awesome GRAMMY!!

Sam Zaczyk

We’d like to thank the following sponsors for donating spa services to three of our nominees. We are so grateful for the community support!

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